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Bubble Pop
Pop the bubble on the plastic protevtive wrapper

Typing 01
This is a nice typing game that will boost your typing …

Playmate Strip-Tac-Toe
Play Tic Tac Toe and see the playmates

Mosquito Blaster
Use the spray and don't get bited by the mosquito

Remove all balls within the time allocated

One on One Soccer
Bounce the ball off the walls in a sealed room in a 1-o…

Grampa Grumble Arm Wrestl…
Click on the button at appropriate time to increased yo…

This is the introduction to Banja

Move the ring out from the wire without touching the wi…

Ask Guru Joe
Ask Guru Joe questions about life, romance, business, e…

Cotse Paint
A Flash Paint application from Cotse

The Old West Shoot'em Up
use your quick draw skill to uphold justice

Battleships General Quart…
The Classic battleship game on PC

3 Foot Ninja
A fighting game with smooth control and cute 3 Foot Nin…

Go about every corner of the clinic to collect all the …

Bush Bash
It is the Presidential Debate and you are the moderator

Guide the gyroball to the glowing goal of each level - …

Identify the character before the lift door closes

Coloring the Mouse
A Flash colouring book

Your mission is to rescue 118 russion marines from the …

Be the captain of the deck and explore the universe in …

Boiler Breakdown
Fix the boiler by collecting its parts.

Kangaroo Jack
Catch the Kangaroo before it get away with your jacket …

Flash Racer
Use Left/Right arrows to control the subway

Flash Gauntlet
Destroy ghosts with your wizard spell; collect treasure…

Dancing Queen
Dance to the beat

Spank the Frank
Spank the penguin

(Bike) Wheelers
Ride the bike and race around the track

The Drifter Decoder
Another Memory game with 3D graphic

Chili Time
Click to eat chili. The faster you click, the faster yo…

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